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Ipe Decking - Is It A Natural Resistance Or A Resistant Type?

Ipe Decking is definitely the best kind of wood decking out there. In the Ocean City Boardwalk, in Las Vegas, to your backyard, nothing lasts as long or holds its own against the elements, when decked with Ipe Decking! Ipe is a very exotic hard wood, which are naturally resistant to decay and rot, is eight times stronger than California Redwood, yet is completely waterproof and impervious to UV light. What's more is that you can take this decking with you on any vacation, as it won't degrade or rot like all other decking materials will. Read more about deck tiles.

Ipe Decking consists of a hard wood core and a medium hardness veneer on top of it. The hardness of ipe decking depends mostly on the cuticle of the wood used, while the hardness and thickness of the veneer increase according to the grain structure of the wood used. Typically, hard woods like redwood are more expensive and the most well known ipe decking woods are Ebony and Janka. These two woods are used for their hardness, but Janka is much more inexpensive and has a lower moisture content than Ebony.

While ipe decking varies slightly from dark brown walnut due to the differences in the types of woods used, both woods share similar characteristics that make them highly desirable in decking applications. Ipe has a straight grain, which is more visible than dark brown walnut and has a very even surface. This makes it a favorite among homeowners who prefer an even and smooth deck surface. Its strength and moisture resistance make it the perfect choice for outdoor decks. Ipe decking may also be used for indoor applications such as porches, siding and walkways where it's strength and sturdiness meet the needs of most demanding consumers.

Ipe Decking should be protected from outdoor weather with a protective finish. When sealing the surface of the decking, the homeowner should choose a wood sealer that is specifically manufactured for use on the decking and is specifically recommended for this material. To achieve an attractive appearance, the finish should be applied to an even surface. Depending on the homeowner's preference, the finish can be quite glossy or textured. Finish square foot of the decking should be sealed to prevent weathering and discoloration.

When purchasing hardwood decking materials, there are several factors to consider before purchasing ipe decking. Decking of this material is usually sold in standard sizes and cuts, and homeowners must first determine the exact size they need. This is often determined by the space available for a patio or garden area as well as architectural plans for the deck. Most contractors also offer a free consultation where the customer can come and look at the ipe decking in order to determine the size they want and what color or stain will work best with their decking.

In many cases, it is possible to restore this naturally resistant hardwood decking material back to its original appearance after it has been damaged by weathering, moisture and insects. It is important that this be done professionally since it may require removing some or all of the decking material. The contractor will be able to advise on the best way to proceed after damage has occurred. Ipe decking can be a great choice for homeowners who are looking for a maintenance-free alternative to hardwood decking without the hassle of special treatment. Proper care and treatment can help it to maintain its appearance and resist damage and deterioration. Check deck railing ideas.

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